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EDU 213: Educational Technology is offered in the first semester of the second year for NCE 2 students. It is obligatory for all students enrolled in Nigerian Certificate in Education programmes, irrespective of their school or department. This course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of various concepts and theories related to educational technology, specifically in the context of teaching in junior secondary schools. The course traces the historical evolution of educational technology within the Nigerian context, highlighting its pivotal role in communication and the teaching-learning processes at the junior secondary level. The course explores the details of communication processes and employs a systems approach to instruction (SAI) tailored for junior secondary education.  Furthermore, the course integrates computer-assisted teaching and learning methodologies, while also incorporating the Enter-Educate approach to teaching Population and Family Life Education (POP/FLE).

what is computer

Study of Agricultural Genetics 

We will  be building on technical design drawing that students started in TD-103

Tools Student Needs Auto Cad Design Software 
Drawing Boards  Note Pad Software + 5tb Online Storage